Carbon removals estimations for offset projects
Track nature-based solutions with monthly carbon footprint data
However, their reputation has tarnished due to lack of transparency into their real performance, baselines set and additionality achieved.

Besides, current approaches to monitoring and verification are too costly, making small and medium-sized projects not viable economically.
Growing demand for transparency
Nature-based carbon removal projects are an integral part of the global transition towards net-zero.
CO₂ emission?
CO₂ sequestration?
CO₂ flux?
The CarbonSpace platform is a remote and automated tool, which doesn't require any on-site measurements. You can monitor not only the project itself but the surrounding territory for controlling leakage effects.
Historical data since 2000 helps setting reliable baselines and estimating additionality of the projects.
With our proprietary technology, it’s easy to analyze any number of forests, even small and distant ones.
Actual emissions profile for any project
Analyze effectiveness of carbon removal by nature-based projects
Communicate real achievements to investors and other stakeholders
Choose lands with best potential for carbon removal
How it will work for you
Get carbon emissions estimations in one of our products: platform, report or API
AI technology core processes several layers of input data
How to start
Prepare a shapefile and include land-use type information