Credible nature-based carbon removal requires credible monitoring
Your trusted source of validated carbon sequestration data for nature-based solutions
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CarbonSpace’s MRV platform provides nature-based solution (NBS) project developers with primary carbon sequestration and emissions data. Project developers use CarbonSpace to
Conduct feasibility assessments, baselining, and monitoring in one tool
Understand historical carbon removals in project areas
Choose land with greatest potential for carbon sequestration efficiency
Access continuous, automated monitoring
Increase return on investment in projects
Mitigate risk with high-quality data
Eliminate expensive onsite visits and samples
Use transparent, primary data instead of industry averages or calculators
Increase project value due to high quality data
Measure against a credible baseline
Lower buffer pools due to methodology accuracy and approach
Reduce time to financial return with timely project onboarding and data delivery
Why CarbonSpace?
The net ecosystem exchange (NEE) approach is ideal for project evaluation
Carbon sequestration occurs in the whole ecosystem, not just soil. CarbonSpace’s NEE monitoring approach captures carbon removals in all major carbon pools in the ecosystem, so you can understand the true potential and performance of NBS projects.
Unified tool for monitoring NBS projects across regions and ecosystems
Between our variety of models and the fully remote nature of the tool, you can onboard projects with ease across nearly any ecosystem or region globally. A unified tool for monitoring enables comparison and standardization for projects across the globe and credibility for reporting impact.
Rely on trusted data
With our peer-reviewed methodology and ISO 14064-3 validation, we provide trusted, third-party validated data based on an innovative approach. We’re members of major global standards and frameworks.
How it works
Provide coordinates of your farms and nature conservation areas
Receive carbon footprint data in a secure account
Conduct feasibility assessments, baselining, and additionality calculations
Automatic data sharing capabilities available with select partner frameworks