Satellite-powered carbon footprint monitoring
State of the art platform to enable the global transition to net-zero
Facilitating climate decisions and unleashing carbon offset potential
Emissions from agriculture, forest and other land use (AFOLU) account for 20-24% of global emissions. However, there have been no scalable and cost-effective tools to estimate the footprint of a farm, field, or forest.

CarbonSpaceTech will change this and provide an ultimate platform for monitoring these emissions. It will empower agricultural, food, timber, pulp and paper, forestry companies on their journey towards net-zero.
Our proprietary AI core builds on the benefits of both top-down and bottom-up approaches. It is processing several layers of the satellite, sensor, and inventory data, which yields high spatial and temporal resolutions.
GHG satellite data
Greenhouse gases data from the GOSAT, Sentinel-5P, and OCO-2 satellites
Ground measurements
Greenhouse gas concentrations, measured at reference monitoring stations
Global atmospheric transport models
Inverse modelling to attribute emissions to specific regions
Earth observation satellite imagery
Surface reflectance data from the Sentinel-2,3, Landsat-5,7,8, and MODIS satellites
Ground estimations
Carbon dioxide flux data, obtained by eddy covariance method
Machine learning
State of the art algorithms to estimate the place-based footprint
Ultimate self-onboarding platform to monitor the footprint of farms, fields, forests and other land use.
Global emissions data
- 5-10 km resolution data for countries, regions and large land areas
- Monthly and annual data from 2000
Local emissions data
- 30-meter resolution data for farms, fields and forests
- Monthly and annual data from 2000
- Emission sources breakdown by land-use type
Data analytics and reporting
- In-depth analytics on the carbon footprint
- Adjustable parameters
- Automatic reports generation
Our platform makes your carbon footprint visible and manageable.
Agriculture and Forestry
- Understand the sequestration potential of the land
- Analyze the effectiveness of innovations
- Track and make visible your real footprint to partners and customers
Food production
- Analyze suppliers' footprint
- Choose the most effective offset projects
- Bring a new level of transparency to customers and investors
Wood industry
- Analyze emissions across the whole supply chain
- Control your suppliers' footprint
- Invest effectively in the offset projects
Finance and Insurance
- Understand clients' exposure to carbon risks and opportunities
- Create new financing products
- Make investment safer and more profitable
ESG data and Consulting
- Provide your clients with new insights
- Get new datasets on carbon emissions
- Automate the carbon footprint calculations
Smart cities and Ports
- Analyze the carbon footprint from diverse sources
- Enrich the digital twin solution with carbon footprint data
- Track your progress to carbon neutrality
Annual subscription package
€99 per month
  • 5 assets
  • Area: 100 ha (30-meter resolution) or
    50,000 ha (5-10 km resolution)
  • 5 years of historical data
  • 1 country
  • 1 account
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Annual subscription
On demand
  • Unlimited assets
  • Unlimited area
    (30-meter or 5-10km resolution)
  • Historical data since 1990
  • Unlimited countries
  • Unlimited accounts
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Meet the team
Our diverse team brings forth a combined knowledgebase in Space Tech, AI, and Sustainability to tackle climate change in a unique and scalable framework.
Dr. Oleg Demidov
CEO and Founder
15+ years in ICT, Space and Consulting domains
Co-founder of 3 ICT and Space startups
Ray Mercedes
VP of US Operations
20+ years in technology and innovation consulting
Managing Director at Pattern Group
Dr. Andrey Dara
Chief Analytics Officer
10+ years in Remote Sensing, GIS, ML, Time series analysis
Speaker at ESA and NASA conferences

Michael Rottboll
Advisor in Agriculture
CFO and Partner in Quercus Group.
7+ years in sustainable agriculture and urban development in 35 countries.
Dimitris Matsakis
Advisor in SpaceTech
Co-founder and Partner in P.L.A.N handling international teams over EMEA in Software, Aerospace, Climate and Environment systems. Expert in EU programs on innovation & entrepreneurship.
Hrishabh Sandilya
Advisor in Sustainability
12+ years in the intersection of sustainability, development, and social innovation sectors.
Co-Founder in ReImagined Futures
CEO in Project Phoenix
Global Shaper in WEF
Laurent Hans Couraudon
Advisor in Agroforestry
Ambassador of the APAF, association for the promotion of the fertilizer trees, agroforestry and forestry.
25+ years in Commercial and Investment Banking
Trusted by
We invested in CarbonSpace because the team has the right mix of expertise and vision to help drive down CO2 emissions on a national scale by creating accurate "CO2 emission maps". We believe their technology, combining satellite and ground data, will provide essential insights for corporates and governments to take concrete action and secure a sustainable and regenerative future for our planet.

Mark Durno
Managing Partner AgriFood at Rockstart

Europe: +49 176 86380612
USA: 1.929.235.0366
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