About Us
CarbonSpace’s innovative MRV platform helps food & beverage companies track carbon performance across their supply chains and communicate progress in line with major frameworks
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Why We Exist
The land serves as a critical lever in the pursuit of net zero carbon emissions.
But current tools for monitoring land-based carbon removal aren’t sufficient. And these insufficiencies generate risk.
Manual methods are expensive and not scalable
Self-reported data is biased
Industry averages and estimates have high uncertainty
The industry needs reliable monitoring tools to support nature-based carbon removal at scale.
That’s why we’ve developed a remote digital monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) platform powered by third-party validated, satellite- and AI-based technology. We monitor carbon sequestration and emissions on the farm, field, or forest level, taking a unique approach that offers a number of benefits over traditional methods.
Mission and Vision
We’re building the trusted MRV platform for sustainability leaders in food & beverage companies and nature-based solutions, who are working to reach climate goals and lead their industries with transparent carbon monitoring.
Our vision is for nature-based carbon removal to be scaled across food & beverage supply chains.
  • Dr. Geza Toth
    Chief Executive Officer
    15+ years in connecting industry and applied science Founder of SDG Partners consultancy
  • Dr. Robert Granat
    Chief Technology Officer
    20+ years in ML at NASA / JPL. Algorithms Lead for OCO-2 mission.
  • Dr. Andrey Dara
    Head of R&D & Co-founder
    10+ years in Remote sensing, GIS, ML, Time series analysis Speaker at ESA and NASA conferences
  • Daniel Moreno
    Head of IT
    20+ years in software engineering and process improvement across teams
  • Emma Fourdan
    EMEA Business Development
    15+ years in marketing and business development in the EU
  • Lydia Ashburn
    Product Development Manager
    6+ years of product development, strategy and analytics at high-growth companies
  • Diana Pedroza
    Global Customer Success Manager
    5+ years in account management and customer service, optimizing processes for the ultimate customer experience
  • Vitaly Pashkin
    Market Acceptance Manager
    5+ years in market analysis and product positioning in Space domain
  • Dr. Sunayana Ghosh
    Senior Software Engineer
    15+ years in data science, computational geometry, and software engineering
  • Nathan Streisky da Silva
    Environmental Engineer
    6+ years in environmental engineering, micrometeorology, and evapotranspiration processes
  • Rafael Fabbrini
    ML Engineer
    5+ years in machine learning and data science
  • Lior Torenberg
    Marketing and Operations Lead
    7+ years in marketing, PR, and operations
  • Christos Sotiropoulos
    SAR Engineer
    Image analyst, holding a MSc degree in Geo-Information Science, specialised in radar remote sensing
  • Herman Eloy Gauer
    GIS Engineer
    6+ years in remote sensing for climate monitoring
  • Viktor Borszéki
    Frontend Engineer
    Building human friendly user interfaces for 8+ years
Interested in joining our team?
Our team’s background covers sustainable food systems, environmental sciences, earth observation, GIS, entrepreneurship, and more.
Our headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, with additional offices in Amsterdam, NL and Delaware, US. However, we’re a globally distributed company, so we welcome applicants from all over the world.
Don’t see anything that matches your profile at this time? Email your resume and a description about your ideal role to info@carbonspace.tech.
If you’d like to help build the leading MRV platform for nature-based carbon removal, check out our open positions below.