Simple to set up
Easy to scale
Monitoring is no longer the roadblock to scaling nature-based carbon removal. We offer simple and remote onboarding and scaling processes.
Get set up
Customer provides shape files as input data, containing field coordinates and land cover type
Access to secure account with data, claims, and a third-party verified report
Access Account
Provide Input Data
CarbonSpace completes shape file quality check
Data Validation
Results are quality checked to ensure accuracy and then uploaded to secure account
QA + Data Delivery
Proprietary ML models calculate carbon flux data based on local satellite and meteorological data
Data Processing
Make progress towards your climate goals, and repeat
CarbonSpace is an independent platform built on peer-reviewed and third-party validated science. We receive no third party incentives because we value data integrity just as much as you do.
Read more about our peer-reviewed technology here.