Achieve Seamless Carbon Footprint Monitoring At Scale
Eliminate roadblocks to agricultural supply chain monitoring and reporting with CarbonSpace
Leading food & beverage companies use CarbonSpace's carbon footprint monitoring platform to track carbon performance across their supply chains and report in line with major frameworks.
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Hectares monitored
Up until now, monitoring land-based carbon emissions and sequestration has been expensive, inaccurate, and unscalable
CarbonSpace provides sustainability leaders an innovative, science-based solution.
Primary, farm-level data
Data specific to the farm means lower reserve buffers and better ROI
Fully remote technology eliminates expensive onsite visits and sampling
Globally scalable
Applicable to nearly any region, crop type, and ecosystem
Third-party verified
Peer-reviewed and in line with SBTi, GHG Protocol, and ISO 14064-3
CarbonSpace is a digital monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) platform powered by third-party validated, satellite- and AI-based technology
We monitor carbon sequestration and emissions at the farm, field and forest level to support your unique use cases.
Food Supply Chains
Generate returns on carbon monitoring investment
Source low-carbon materials to meet sustainability goals
Communicate positive impact of initiatives in the supply chain
Nature-based Solutions
Conduct fully remote, cost-effective feasibility assessments
Measure more carbon due to lower buffer pools
Generate higher ROI due to high-quality data
Awards and Features
How it works
Prepare a shapefile and include land-use type information
Receive carbon footprint data in a secure account
Access reports and claims on your projects’ performance
CarbonSpace is an independent platform built on peer-reviewed and third-party validated science. We receive no third party incentives because we value data integrity just as much as you do.
Read more about our peer-reviewed technology here.