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CarbonSpace receives funding from Rockstart

Rockstart is one of the first startup accelerators in Europe, founded back in 2011. Rockstart provides funding and support to startups in four domains: Energy, Health, Emerging technologies, and AgriFood. The startups, carefully selected by Rockstart, gain access to the capital and the unique expertise of investors and mentors. By 2020 Rockstart has invested in more than 200 startups that raised more than €89 million.

Rockstart AgriFood Program & Fund is dedicated to investing in and empowering startups in the agriculture and food tech domain. The fund has over €18 million under management, which will be used to support the participating startups from the initial phase until Series B. The startups also gain access to the industrial partners from the AgriFood ecosystem, like BAYER, Danske Bank, Danish Food Cluster, The Greenery, Grodan, Kramp, and LifeX.

CarbonSpace is developing an automated greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring system, that will help identify sources of emissions and carbon sinks in the AgriFood sector and beyond. Our unique solution combines satellite and ground GHG data, machine learning, and powerful visualization tools. It will empower farmers to evaluate the impact of current agricultural practices on climate and will help food producers to automate their Scope 3 emissions monitoring. Our accurate and consistent GHG data will be indispensable in preparing trustworthy GHG and sustainability reports and measuring progress towards SDGs.

“We invested in CarbonSpace because the team has the right mix of expertise and vision to help drive down CO2 emissions on a national scale by creating accurate "CO2 emission maps". We believe their technology, combining satellite and ground data, will provide essential insights for corporates and governments to take concrete action and secure a sustainable and regenerative future for our planet,” said Mark Durno, Managing Partner at Rockstart AgriFood.

“Rockstart program presented a unique mix of mentors, connections in the Agrifood domain, and further investment opportunities. We were also impressed by the structured and holistic approach to the startup evaluation and selection process making sure that only the best teams fit the program. Our goal for this Rockstart program is to radically boost our customer development efforts. In addition, we target to complete our ongoing efforts to raise a Seed round by leveraging Rockstart and its investors' network,” said Oleg Demidov, CEO of Carbon Space.

Earlier this year CarbonSpace received a grant from the European Space Agency to further develop its carbon emission monitoring platform.

If you think we could help you monitor your Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions, please book a meeting with our team.