The carbon footprint of forests
Analyze carbon performance of forests, deforested areas, and lands for afforestation and reforestation
Calculators provide industry average, highly uncertain estimations with significant approximation.

This leaves forestry and lumber companies without actionable data on the effectiveness of sustainability programs and the overall carbon performance of managed forests.
The industry needs new tools
Traditional tools require lots of manual measurement to get carbon sequestration estimations related to a specific forest.
CO₂ emission?
CO₂ sequestration?
CO₂ flux?
The CarbonSpace platform is a remote and automated tool, which doesn't require any on-site measurements.
We can provide monthly data since 2000, which gives unprecedented opportunities to analyze forests emissions profile change.
With our proprietary technology, it’s easy to analyze any number of forests, even small and distant ones.
Forest-specific data and insights
Supplement industry calculation tools with reliable data on land-based fluxes
Include carbon emissions performance in corporate reporting
Assess risks related to carbon footprint in the supply chain
Total carbon balance
Top-performing forest
Historical uptake profile
How it will work for you
Get carbon emissions estimations in one of our products: platform, report or API
AI technology core processes several layers of input data
How to start
Prepare a shapefile and include land-use type information