Land is a valuable carbon asset
Estimate land’s potential to sequester carbon and invest in it
Land-based projects, like sustainable agriculture, afforestation and conservation projects, are integral to the success of global climate action.

Until recently land assets lacked carbon footprint transparency due to the limitations of available tools, which, besides being manual and costly, provided highly uncertain estimations.

Meanwhile, accurate estimation of land's carbon performance facilitates the inclusion of land assets in carbon finance and carbon markets.
New level of transparency for carbon markets
Total carbon sequestered
Carbon credits issued
Afforestation project vs Carbon farming
Your advantages
Yields high spatial and temporal resolutions;
Automated and scalable tool, which doesn't require any on-site operations;
Global data, even for remote and insecure regions;
Historical datasets for setting reliable baselines;
Integration with existing carbon footprint calculation tools.
Estimate the carbon footprint within the existing portfolio and diversify
Assess land's carbon removal potential and carbon-related risks
Develop new finance and insurance products for carbon markets
Total portfolio footprint
Carbon sequestration, per ha
Carbon credits issued
How it will work for you