Die Software für intelligente CO2-Erfassung
Mit den leistungsfähigen KI-Algorithmen und Satteliten
können Sie ihre Emissionen weltweit durch die Visualisierung

verstehen, vermeiden und ausgleichen.
CarbonSpace is your smart carbon footprint dashboard.

We remotely track, visualise and analyse climate performance of any location-specific assets: farms, factories, forests.

Your own and those of your partners or suppliers. Anywhere in the world.
Capture opportunity
Advance your position in the race towards carbon neutrality
Our cutting-edge tech will provide you with precise, satellite-informed data on your GHG emission – right on the map, supported with actionable insights.
Act on climate more effectively and win the hearts of customers and investors with impressive transparency.
Reduce carbon-related risks
Get those hard-to-track emissions under control
Avoid fraud and misreporting when collecting GHG data across supply chain, monitoring own operations and doing climate risk profiling for partners and clients. Especially when it comes to agriculture, forestry and land use.
Streamline monitoring and reporting
Let artificial intelligence do the job
Map the assets you want to monitor in CarbonSpace once and get automated monthly updates and analytics on your Scope 1 and 3 emissions in our intuitive dashboard.
How it works
We apply our unique science-backed AI algorithms to a complex fusion of GHG and optical satellite data together with measurements from ground-based sensors and inventories to ensure unprecedented 30 m resolution, amazing precision and monthly update time.
The DSEMP "Development of real time high precision carbon emission monitoring platform" kick start
is supported and co-funded by the European Space Agency Space Solutions
How will your organisation benefit?
We develop solutions for multiple industries:
CarbonSpace verfolgt und visualisiert Emissionsdaten über die gesamte Lieferkette ohne umfangreiche Berichtwesen und anstrengende Folgemaßnahmen.
Wir helfen den Häfen, die neue IMO-Verordnung einzuhalten und ihre Strategie zur Emissionsreduzierung an den EU Green Deal anzupassen.
Erweitern Sie Ihre Nachhaltigkeitsberatung durch automatisierte Fernverfolgung von Treibhausgasen, senken Sie Reise- und Arbeitskosten und sorgen Sie für die Sicherheit des Personals bei Projekten in abgelegenen Gebieten oder während COVID-19.
Erhalten Sie zusätzliche Mittel für Ihre Aufforstungsinitiative, indem Sie eine unabhängige und erschwingliche Bestätigung der von Ihnen erstellten Offsets bereitstellen.
Verfolgen Sie die Fortschritte Ihrer Region bei der Erreichung der Green Deal-Ziele, schätzen Sie die Wirksamkeit der Umsetzung und Anreize von Richtlinien, identifizieren Sie falsch gemeldete Emissionen und binden Sie die Bürger in visualisierte Daten zur Klimaleistung ein.
Finanzierung und Versicherung
Machen Sie Versicherungen und Investitionen sicherer und rentabler, indem Sie eine satellitengestützte Zweitmeinung über das Risiko des Kunden für CO2-Risiken einholen.
Not listed here? Explore the potential of carbon transparency for your industry:
Choose your plan
From one-off reports and monthly subscription to tailor-made and white-label solutions – we love to make carbon transparency work for you.
Basic Report
  • PDF-report for 1 asset (factory, field, etc.)
  • Detailed visualised emissions for 2019
  • Retrospective emissions – up to 2010
  • Perfect as a taster
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  • Personal online account
  • Automated emissions tracking for multiple assets
  • Monthly data update
  • Access to analytics block
  • Customer support
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  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Climate due-diligence for suppliers
  • Global data
  • API integration
  • White-label solution for consultants
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Have a look
Explore our free, publicly available map of global emissions (alpha-version, low resolution) based on artificial intelligence, satellite, ground and inventory data
Meet the team
We are space scientists and tech entrepreneurs on a mission to help tackle the defining challenge of our times – climate change. We have cumulatively founded 5 tech startups and now gathered over 10 professionals with 3 PhDs in SpaceTech and AI to work on the state-of-the-art product.
Oleg Demidov
CEO and Founder
15+ years in ICT, Space and Consulting domains
Co-founder of 3 ICT and Space startups including Navigine
Ray Mercedes
VP of US Operations
20+ years in technology and innovation consulting
Managing Director at Pattern Group
Dr. Ruslan Zhuravlev
Chief Science Officer
10+ years in atmospheric process modelling, principle Investigator in satellite project GOSAT
Co-Founder of Aerostate
Igor Susman
Chief Technology Officer
10+ years in IT internationally, from startups to big enterprise names
If climate change is a global lethal disease, we can no longer rely on annual self-reported "blood tests" of bottom-up sustainability reporting. For effective treatment we need a global computer tomography, which will track GHG emissions and offsets – these critical Earth's parameters – independently, precisely and almost in real time.
This is what we do at CarbonSpace.
Join the movement.
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