Our team
  • Dr. Oleg Demidov
    15+ years in ICT, Space and Consulting domains
    Co-founder of 3 ICT and Space startups including Navigine
  • Ray Mercedes
    Innovation and Commercialization
    20+ years in technology and innovation consulting
    Managing Director at Pattern Group
  • Lydia Ashburn
    Growth Marketing
    3+ years of business strategy and analytics at high-growth companies
  • Igor Susman
    10+ years in IT engineering internationally, from startups to big enterprise names
  • Dr. Geza Toth
    EMEA Business Development
    15+ years in connecting industry and applied science
    Founder of SDG Partners consultancy
  • Emma Fourdan
    EU Business Development
    10+ years in marketing and business development in the EU
  • Inna Galinger
    15+ years in finance, procurement and operational management
    MBA with the VC focus
  • Dr. Ruslan Zhuravlev
    Chief Scientific Officer
    10+ years in atmospheric process modelling
    Principle Investigator in satellite project GOSAT
    Co-Founder of Aerostate 
  • Andrew Samodin
    10+ years in communications and business development roles in FMCG and cleantech companies
  • Dr. Andrey Dara
    10+ years in Remote sensing, GIS, ML, Time series analysis
    Speaker at ESA and NASA conferences
  • Vitaly Pashkin
    Lead Analyst
    3+ years in market analysis and product positioning in Space domain
  • Rafael Fabbrini
    ML engineer
    5+ years in machine learning and data science
Our advisors
  • Michael Rottboll
    Advisor in Agriculture
    CFO and Partner in Quercus Group
  • Hrishabh Sandilya
    Advisor in Sustainability
    Co-Founder in ReImagined Futures
    CEO in Project Phoenix
    Global Shaper in WEF
  • Laurent Hans Couraudon
    Advisor in Agroforestry
    Ambassador of the APAF, Agroforestry-focused NGO
  • Connie Bowen
    Advisor - Agriculture
    Director of Innovation and Investment at AgLaunch
  • Dimitris Matsakis
    Advisor in SpaceTech
    Co-founder and Partner in P.L.A.N.
  • Mark Griffiths
    Advisor in Certification
    Global Leader Climate Business in the leading NGO
We welcome you to join us on the journey to create the new carbon footprint transparency standard